The Trip To Dubai

by John Teeter
EmerateCup1 Starting in the Fog at the Emirates Championship
This is really about Endurance Racing. There are many other things that go on, lots of fixing and puttering and eating and seeing stuff and meeting people....but its really about Endurance Racing.
EmarateCup2 First Vet Check
Its the same the world over. Ride your own Ride. Do the best you can for your mount. Be ready for the unexpected.....and don't do anything that will push things over the edge...
EmerateCup3 Waiting and Watching
Its a bit more of a spectator sport here tho. Lots more people watching and waiting. Lots more media coverage. Pretty big to-do if you know what I mean
EmerateCup4 Some things are different tho...
It is a bit unusual for us to see the race so up close and personal unless we're riding in it. this was more of a "be with your team all the way" kind of experience
Background1 And there are Camels
It is a different environment. Lots of sand and few bushes. But there are LOTS of camels.
Dubai1 And there is a City
Dubai is a beautiful mix of old and new. These are (from 5 miles away) a signature skyline.
Background2 And there are Lots of Camels
Every day, off to the camel track to practice for the camel races....
Dubai2 And there is an exotic City
A "Creek" running through the center of the City - the "old town" surrounds the banks...
Background4 And there are Lots and Lots of Camels
Everywhere you go, they pop up to remind you that you're not in Kansas anymore...
Darolyn1 Training Rides
The training rides aclimate the rider and horse to the local environment
SpiceSouk1 More Training....
There is also the Spice Souk....Things to learn....pace yourself:)
background3 And there are Lots and Lots and Lots of Camels
They are EVERYWHERE it seems. The beast of burden that is a symbol of the culture.
Darolyn2 And more Training Rides
Every day. Mornings for 4 hours alternated with afternoons for 4 hours. Quarantine for the rest of the month. (and Oh yeh, did I mention there are Camels?)
Background5 And there are LOTS of Camels
Camel racing is a BIG deal (I know...its not endurance racing....but hey, they ARE pretty neat:)
Tom1 And its Hurry Up and Wait
Ok, back to the main Topic - Tom keeping watch on the barn...