Dubai 2001: Shopping

shopping01 Enter the Souk
Enter the world of the Gold Souk, The Spice Souk, the world of middle eastern commerce
shopping02 In the Evening
The streets come alive after 5:00pm when the air is cooler and the sea breezess bringing freshness to the shopping experience....:)
shopping03 Contemplating
Cindy and Karen ponder what directions to take; how to spend those dance winnings from last night.....
shopping04 The shops are tight....
And they are packed with goodies. There seems to be a gravitation to the antique and novelty shops.
shopping05 Commerce and Culture
There are quiet times and movement - peace and action....
shopping06 There is also waiting
as various members of the crew get off trail and distracted.
shopping07 Fade out
Oh what to do next - which way to turn....
shopping08 The Locals
And people live and work here. The life of commerce.
shopping09 Yes Martha, there are a few bags here
There are gifts and keepsakes galore
shopping10 and the gold....
but the gold (or at least most of it) stays here.....