Dubia 2001 - 3

John Teeter
desertlife01 The Desert Life Styles
The rapid influx of wealth has place the old ways in peril. Attempts to protect this heritage are underway, but its a hard go....
desertlife02 Women around the camp-fire
Across the middle east, there are cultures slipping away as more SUVs and high rises engage the landscape.
desertlife03 Men Discussing the world
Attempts to preserve these cultural roots are underway throughout the region aided by the resources made available from oil weath.
desertlife04 Cross Cultural Centers of the World
Historically there has been a broad influx of cultures in this region. This continues today with pretty much all major regions of the world being represented.
desertlife05 The Heritage Center
Dubai's Heritage Center is located on the north bank of Dubai Creek and provides a broad setting for cultural preservation.
desertlife06 Fade to the future
Evenings spent in remembering the past provide spirit for the future.
desertlife07 Music and Rythyms
Dance and Drums providing experiences for the next generation.
desertlife08 Feelings and Hopes
Leading to broader understanding and appreciation of the beduane heritage.
desertlife09 Images of past turmoil
Pride in a past which has brought honor to the indigenous population.
desertlife10 Remebering with Hope
Hoping to avoid a repitition of past conflicts
desertlife11 Together with Family and Friends
Finding a substitute for the closeness of the desert fire - the evenings of sharing stories and hopes.
desertlife12 Fading
As the technology of today dilutes the shared time....
desertlife13 Fading...
Bringing more hegenomy throughout the world - here as well as everywhere...
desertlife14 Fading......
Hoping that world differences can be overcome and that we will all be able to live together.
desertlife15 Fading.........
Until we are all free and open - respecting our differences as well as rejoicing in our common goals throughout the world.