Everyone Gathers

DesertEvening01 An Evening Retreat
Everyone is now in town - an evening retreat to the desert is planned. Steph and Wolfgang are ready to Party:)
DesertEvening02 Dunes and Shadows
After a wild drive through the desert, we arrive at softly back-lit dunes and tents.
DesertEvening03 Mystery Abounds
Shadows lead to Shadows....
DesertEvening04 Tents in the night
The party gathers around the fire...
DesertEvening05 Dinner and Dancing
In the sand and carpets...
DesertEvening06 The Crew Works Hard
Posing before the mad rush...
DesertEvening07 BarB's
Steaks to Lobster to Shrimp to LambChops....and more....
DesertEvening09 And Dancing
and the dancing begins....
DesertEvening10 Riders in the Flames
Its contageous...
DesertEvening11 .....
We're not in Kansas anymore....
DesertEvening12 Kim and Our Host
lost in the crowd ...
DesertLunch01 And Lunch in the Desert
for the riders....keep the weigh on...
DesertLunch02 hmmm...
its really pretty delux on the trail...
DesertLunch03 A Temporary Oasis
built for the afternoon.
DesertLunch04 Regal Dining
its really hard not to over eat....
DesertLunch05 And its so elegant too...
in the middle of the desert no less...
DesertLunch06 ....
what can be said???
DesertLunch07 Local Craftmanship
Keeping with the local color
DesertLunch08 A sampler
a wide variety of goodies!!!
DesertLunch09 The master
the keeper of the "hubbly-bubbly" tent
DesertLunch10 riders in repose
after dining a bit of relaxation:)
Destry01 Cruising the Streets
While Destry finds the Skate Boarders (the MiddleEast Championships are underway at the Dubai Extreme...)
Destry02 Unexpected
well MAYBE he'll be able to break free to crew on ride day!!!
Destry03 A duplicate
well he REALLY is excited....
DubaiCreek01 Lights on the River
Dubai Creek at night....
Ride01 Back to the Ride
Riders in Preparation ... the day before vet in...
Ride02 Vetting In
All the US riders are in:)
Ride03 Watching and Waiting
Its that time of the day ... checking things out.
Ride04 The Vet Area
Organized well and layed out for ease of access.
Ride05 Dr. Ray at work
Its fun to see everyone at work and focused:)
Ride06 Trotting Out
The trot-out lanes are firm sand. it'll be a long day:)
Ride07 Wolfgang on Patrol
He's a groom and a photographer. Hopefully he'll share his photos!!!
Ride08 And...
He's photogenic too:)
Ride09 Vonita
Watching and Learning - the FEI pro!!
Ride10 Art and Sue
Hurry up and Wait!@!!!
Ride11 John and Steph
We're ready and Kruschev has trotted out just fine - looked great in fact!!
Ride12 We're Ready
The lights are sparkling.
Ride13 Tomorrow the Fireworks
Really these were two nights ago on Dubai Creek ... but hey:)
Steph1 Relaxed
A stroll up the creek.
VetHospital01 The Dubai Vet Hospital
Dr. Jim Baldwin gave us a brief tour of the Dubai Vet Hospital. Its pretty state-of-the-art...
VetHospital02 Ok, we'll pose...
But really, its the hospital which is the focus!!
VetHospital03 Janet and ???
in the reception area....
VetHospital04 Overlooking one of the Surgeries
looking down into one of the surgical areas. There are two of them, both visible and fully monitored from a single control facilty.
VetHospital05 Stabling and Isolation Wings
Fully facilities are available with 18 vets on staff.
VetHospital06 Barns and Pens
Kept on imaculate grounds...
VetHospital07 Live-in Training
Rotations of trainees from various countries live on the grounds.
VetHospital08 The Vet Van
Oh yeh, its a truck...:)