USEF Selects 15 Member National Team for 2004 World Endurance Championships

The USEF Selection Committee met on Thursday, September 2 following the final Training Event held in Oreana, ID. In accordance with the Selection Procedures for the 2004 World Endurance Championship National Team and Traveling Squad, 15 horse/rider combinations were named to the USEF National Endurance Team.

The National Team will convene in Florida on December 1 for 5 weeks of training, coordination and evaluation. Depending on budgetary constraints, USEF plans to send nine horse/rider combinations to Dubai, UAE for the 2004 World Endurance Championship.

Crockett Dumas Moniet Nessous
Carol Giles Sar Tiki Stranger
Beverly Gray Regalidon
Becky Harris Ga Tyfa Mynte
Suzanne Hayes Tezero's Gold
Suzanne White Hedgecock AA Montego
Carolyn Hock GT Sando
Valerie Kanavy Shahdon
Cia Reis Catch A Wave
Michele Roush, DVM PR Tallymark
Christoph Schork DWA Sabku
Meg Sleeper, VMD Shyrocco Troilus
Joyce Sousa LV Integrity
Dennis Summers Ebony Rose
Sue Summers Raymond Blur

Candy Barbo Zalmara Din
Heather Hoyns, DVM Just Bill
Valerie Kanavy Bearcar O'Reilly,Emphatic
Alexandra North CV Butter Bea
Steve Rojek Smokerise Finally
Sandy Schuler ELD Triton
Meg Sleeper, VMD Syrocco Blair
Susan Summers AM Humvee
Steph Teeter Jaziret Bey Musc
Karen Vilander NYR Crown Royal
Nicole Wiere Rebel Fire Bask
Jan Worthington Brown R Timothy, Korbel
Gail Zeck HK Topaz, HK Contender