POLAR helps you listen!

Polar Equine RS300X G1

  • Under $300
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated complete solution from ONE SOURCE , the world's leader in performance monitoring

  • Key Features
  • T54 fabric transmitter means no wires....
  • G1 GPS sensor provides speed and distance measurement
  • The Complete Solution from Polar

    For more than 30 years, Polar has been helping athletes of all levels achieve their personal goals. That same focus on technology has gone into the new Polar RS300XG1, designed for Endurance riders and their horses. A fully integrated solution for heart rate, speed and distance…from one brand, the world’s heart rate leader. The RS300Xg1 is easy to use and features the Polar T56 Transmitter which uses a soft elastic material, rather than wires. It gives you all the information that is critical for every training ride or competition. And it sells for under $300.

    About Polar Equine Training Systems

    Now, with the RS300XG1, your horse can tell you things. How is the ride going for him? Has he recovered from that last hill that he just climbed? Is he ready for a hard day of training today, or does he need a rest? Even if he has an illness coming on. How many miles has he gone, and at what average speed? All of this information can help you keep him fit, in shape and injury free. It lets you know what your horse is capable of on any given day in any given condition.

    The Benefits of Horse Heart Rate Monitoring

    Traditionally it has been difficult to determine the health status of the horse during general exercise or competition. The Endurance community has understood the importance of measuring heart rate, and it’s a key part of any event. So why wait until you hit a vet check to know what’s going on with your horse. Or more importantly, use heart rate and speed information to train him for the event, and understand what kind of pace he is safely capable of. With this information, you can more easily pace him on race day.

    The Polar RS300XG1 may be purchased from the following authorized dealers:
    Trailwise Tack Trail-Rite Slypner Gear Running Bear Healthy As A Horse Fitmed Equine Monitors Action Rider Tack

    Polar Equine Testimonials

    "The Polar Heart Rate Monitoring System has been and is an essential component of our success. We need to know at all times the heart rates of our horses, during training, during competition and especially at the vet gates. The Polar HR Monitor system has always been a reliable companion for us. Without it, we could not have achieved the same success throughout the years. Whether during the ride or at the Vet holds, we are getting precise heart rate read outs of our horses and that allows us to adjust gaits, speed and recovery times accordingly. Thank You, Polar, for being there for us when we need you!

    Christoph Schork

    Global Endurance Training Center
    Christoph Schork and Dian Woodward, owners of Global Endurance Training Center in Utah, have been competing in Endurance Racing for over 20 years. During that time, they have accumulated more than 200 Endurance Ride wins and over 100 Best Condition awards. Christoph has more individual wins than any other individual rider worldwide. He has been competing internationally for over 10 years and represented the USA National Team at several big events worldwide.

    “I have been using Polar heart rate products on my horses since 1997, and I have always been very pleased with their accuracy, durability, and ease of use. With each technology update, I am able to gain more information out of my training workouts. I highly recommend the Polar products to anyone interested in the health and athleticism of their horses.”

    Michelle Roush, DVM

    2004 US National Endurance Team rider
    2009 AERC West Best Conditioned Champion
    12,000+ Lifetime AERC Miles

    "As a participant in distance events, a runner my whole life and now in mid-life teaming up with my horse to do endurance events, I have utilized Polar products for years. Polar heart rate monitors are one of the most valuable tools available to endurance participants. It has helped me to get a metabolically challenged 20 years young horse safely to his 5000th mile mark by learning and knowing his physiologic limits. I have used other brands and none have performed like my Polar. "

    Kathy Backus DVM

    AERC Competitor
    Multiple Marathon and triathlon competitor