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Re: RC: trailer horse back

In a message dated 99-03-06 11:39:16 EST, writes:

>  I lead him out to the nearest paved road and
>  saw a stock trailer headed back towards camp and flagged them down. 
>  Kaboot was more than happy to jump from the pavement up through a little
>  sliding cattle door that had a very low roof.  I was more than happy to
>  hop into the front seat with a man I didn't know.  Sometimes your
>  standards are different during competition. 

All too true!  My Morgan mare tied up at the Nugget Ride many years ago.
Management came for us in a pickup truck with stock racks!  Everyone watched
to see the expression on my face, and it definitely said, "you're kidding, of
course."  But that big mare saw her ticket outta there and leaped up into the
bed of the pickup as if she did it every day.  (Actually, they were kind
enough to head the pickup downhill so the leap wasn't as bad, but still! . .

San Francisco

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