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Re: Re: Loin Rubs!!! Was saddle blankets

Hey Linda!

I've wanted to ask this before, and perhaps I did and have forgotten (old
age, setting in;).  I, too, have a Toklat cut for my OF.  Do you remove the
booties when you use the Toklat, or leave them on?  I've tried it both ways.
With the booties on, it's too much pad.  Without them, I worry about the
saddle tree sustaining damage.

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Date: Thursday, March 04, 1999 8:54 AM
Subject: RC: Re: Loin Rubs!!! Was saddle blankets

> wrote:
>> Gee, thanks, I wonder if she'll still be my friend when I suggest her new
>> saddle doesn't fit her horse !?!?!
>> Seriously, tho, I thought the ortho-flex saddles were supposed to have
>> flexibility to fit different backed horses.
>Like any saddle, Ortho Flex saddles are not for every horse (although mine
>Rocket like a glove!).  The panels are relatively long on them - almost too
>long for the average size of Arab.  If the horse has any sway to their
>even the flexible panels cannot completely accomodate the dip and it can
>bridge.  I was lucky... Rocket is simply a HUGE arab (16H and built like a
>tank) with a level back and good withers.  I dread the thought of finding
>another saddle for the next horse that comes along!
>I feel that part of the loin rubbing seen with the OF is due to the
booties - a
>pad that attaches directly to the saddle's panels, for those who haven't
>one.  Rather than the saddle shimmying on the pad (as with a traditional
>saddle), the saddle & pad are moving on the horse's coat.  OF has finally
>started making a separate traditional pad and light duty cotton sleeves to
>protect the saddle panels, but I haven't seen this set up in person yet.
>complicate things more, the booties are normaly synthetic material which is
>more likely to rubb the hair out.  They sell all wool booties, but is
>outrageously priced!
>I bought a Toklat Woolback pad  that is made for my OF Express Lite - I
>it, and it was 1/2 the price of the OF wool booties.  We weren't having
>problems, but it should last longer.  I have two Toklat Woolbacks from 1989
>that are used for training and competing on Mike's horse - they show some
>but they are hardly worn out!
>Linda Flemmer
>Blue Wolf Ranch
>Bruceton Mills, WV - where we're sitting under 14 inches of snow, drifts to
>ft, 50 mph winds, and windchill in the -30*F   Who said spring was
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