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Hey Y'all

I'll mention this one time then shut-up.  I don't want Steph or Steve to
withdrawal my subscription from ridecamp (the ten bucks is in the mail, I

I'm asking y'all to read my stories, Rookie Horse & Rookie Rider, Parts one
and two.  I'm working on getting them published (hey if Monica can do it why
not me?), and your opinion means alot to me.  Negative responses are OK, the
only repercussion is I might intentionally camp next to you at your next ride.

I did have one person tell me that Part II implied that endurance riders curse
alot and outsiders might get the wrong impression.  Keep in mind that this is
fiction, based loosely on some events that occured at my first endurance ride.
I've tried to write it in a way that it would entertain adults but also be
tame enough for children to read.

So inbetween reading your 300 emails per day from ride camp if you can go to, fun stuff, then stories and read the stories I'd appreciate it.
And to the real Pantyhose Joe, Thanks for letting me mention you in the story.
Only myself, my wife, my mother-in-law, my six kids, and a few neighbors know
who you really are.  Your name is safe with us.  


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