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Re: RC: Jumping out of the arena

Wow, jumping with a side saddle, Now I am impressed! 

I approach logs and trees at a trot. It seems easier for my horse and
me. My horse also learned from watching another horse jump over the
fallen logs. But then I have never gotten to the point that Linda is at.


Flemmer, Linda wrote:
> That's how I got involved in riding sidesaddle.  Somebody bet me that
> you couldn't jump aside.  I learned to ride english, then jump, then
> jump aside one summer, and never looked back.  I always got such a kick
> out of the judges' faces in the ring when I entered sidesaddle.  I fox
> hunted aside for a while too - you use a very different set of muscles
> in the right leg when you are aside.
> The biggest concern that I had jumping aside was you couldn't easily
> bail out from a sidesaddle.  You could be trapped in the saddle during a
> fall.  I used a break-away apron over black breeches so that I wouldn't
> be hung up by skirts.
> If you aren't familiar with jumping, see if your trainer will let you on
> an accomplished school horse for a lesson or two first.  You need to
> find your place on the horse before you try to teach your greenie.  You
> can instill some horrible habits in the horse if you are out of position
> or rough on his mouth over the fence.
> Linda Flemmer

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