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Re: Here's What I've Learned wrote:

> OK.  I've been reading the ridecamp email for about three weeks now.  Here's
> what I've learned so far:

> 3) Horses whose saddles don't fit have white hair.

That's why everyone rides gray horses ;-)

> 6) Don't leave your horse in a trailer overnite.

A. Or behind a hot wire fence (easy to blast through during a nightly
runabout of loose horses), 
B. Or in a portable corral (insert horse head into panel and lift to
escape for nightly runabout),
C. Or tied to a picket line (possibly hang themselves trying to escape
for a nightly runabout), 
D. Or tied to a trailer (will attempt to drag trailer and truck with
them for a nightly runabout).

> 7)  Loose dogs bought to ridecamp need to be shot.

Or, at least have certain orifices plugged with a cork, and the vet
given free-rein to tranquilize any annoying dog at his or her discretion
with the vet bill directed to the dog owner.


> 8) It's still too cold to ride in Montana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Canada.

That's because there's only a three-strand barbed wired fence separating
these folks from the North Pole.  


> 16) Most people who write something in ridecamp only have two cents in their
> pockets.

Actually, that's a half-truth.  It USED to be 2 cents, but the rising
cost of beet pulp, corn oil, GAGs, engineered horseshoes, and the Great
Saddle Hunt have reduced this amount of loose change considerably.


> 20)  Valarie Kanavy for President.

And Angie McGhee as our "RideCamp Leader of Morality and
Reminder-of-our-Need-for-Humility".  Her tweaked sense of humor doesn't
hurt either... hey Angie, how's those ribs feeling???

Well, that's my one cent involvement in this whole thing!

Kim (and Lee)

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