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Re: RC: Re: newbie Question

>O Angie was talking
>>about a ride that at one point she was jumpng over some logs in
>>a mucky area.  My question is this, is it a good idea to teach
>>your horse to jump?  And to learn yourself?  
>It never hurts to learn to do something right...but I wouldn't be
>too concerned about WHETHER he'll jump.  You get them headed the
>same direction 100 other horses go and nothing will stop them.  If
>I'd been at home Kaboot would have said, "You must be kidding" if
>I'd pointed him at that obstacle.  As it was, I could hardly hold
>him back.

Hmm, I think I'll ask my trainer to go over the basics with us --
the idea of trying something brand new while out on the trail with
a horse that I am fairly certain has never jumped anything in his
life ... That and I'd like to stay on!!  Out of curiosity -- what
"gear" are you usually in when approaching a jump?  The only time
Dixie's jumped with me was straight up in the air when I was riding
side-saddle -- the lack of leg on right side was spooky, don't you

Thank You
Hope & Dixie (One leg, one side of me thank you very much!)

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