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Mr. Equitana is gone

Hi ridecampers,

I am very sad at this moment as I have to tell you that "Mr. Equitana"
Wolf Kroeber, founder of the Equitana, had died last sunday. Rumors are
saying that he committed suicide because of some private problems.
Wolf Kroeber founded the Equitana, the world largest horse fair and
later he sold this concept to MillerFreeman. Equitana USA as well as
Equitana Pacific are parts of his life-work.
He had ever been in contact to German Endurance; in 1997 he was the one
to present the prize-giving at the German Championship which was held at
our local stable.
His death becomes even more tragic because this year's Equitana is
starting this weekend.
The german as well as the international equstrian sport had lost one of
its best promoters. Everyone who had ever met him was overwhelmed by his

Good bye Mr. Equitana!

Wolfgang + Ninja 11

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