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teaching the endurance horse to jump

Title: teaching the endurance horse to jump


I've yet to get out there and do a long distance ride (we're still in the initial ground manners/saddle manners training stage).  However I am teaching my mare how to jump, she's not going to be a hunter jumper (she's got fine boned legs & I haven't), but from having ridden stockhorses and done trail riding, I feel that it is a good skill to teach any horse, saves panics when you do come to a situation in the future.

I'm just starting Valk over cavelleti (which is good to develop those back muscles so that she can carry me under saddle) but the intention is to teach her how to jump small obstacles.

The monsters in the puddle problem has still got me stuffed however?  Is it just an arab thing, or is she really truely allergic to water and going to drown in any puddle more than an inch deep?


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