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Re: RideCamp: Trail Etiquette/Rules/Sponsor?

In a message dated 3/1/99 4:22:11 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I need to know what options, if any, we have at this point?   Can
 the rider lead their horse, or ride him, down the trail after all horses
 have gone by?  What rules are in place to cover this occurrence? >>

No. Once the horse is pulled, it must not continue down the trail.  (The one
exception I experienced was at a vet check so far away and remote from camp
that DQ'd horses were to be led back - the same way they came in.  I refused
to do this, because the horse was DQ'd for lameness.  By the time the ride
manager went back to camp, hooked up a horse trailer and came back for me and
the horse, then returned to camp, about 12 hours had elapsed.  It was quite an
experience.  Not totally awful, but definitely tiring.)


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