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Here's What I've Learned

OK.  I've been reading the ridecamp email for about three weeks now.  Here's
what I've learned so far:

1) Arabs can't handle sweet feed.
2) Carrots have no nutruitional value.
3) Horses who's saddles don't fit have white hair.
4) Steph & Steve run an awesome site.
5.  Monica Lewinsky is Helen of Troy reincarnated (ooops, wrong site, sorry),
except she launches war planes instead of ships.
6) Don't leave your horse in a trailer overnite.
7)  Loose dogs bought to ridecamp need to be shot.
8) It's still too cold to ride in Montana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Canada.
9) I need to go to Reno next year.
10) My story, Rookie Horse, Rookie Rider Part II, will be out on
any day now.
11)  Endurance riders are truely awesome
12)  Silly Arabs are a pain to train but if you want to do a 50 you need one.
13) Don't camp next to me if you want to sleep.
14) If you have a serious question ask Truman or Jean.
15)  Beer can put out a hay fire in your trailer.
16) Most people who write something in ridecamp only have two cents in their
17)  My head is still spinning from the carb/fat diet debate.
18) Stallions at camp keep lookin at my mare.
19)  You need a sense of humor to ride endurance.
20)  Valarie Kanavy for President.

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