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Re: RC: Re: RC: Shoeing Question

In a message dated 3/4/99 3:04:12 AM Eastern Standard Time,

<< After a
 while there is no wall to nail to and the shoe starts impingeing on the
 sole00or you get "quicks". >>

Funny Tom should mention that the shoe should not pinch the sole.  My farrier
was just out, and I asked him about some of the discussions on ridecamp about
trimming (poor fellow has to put up with a lot of questions, but that's one
reason he's still my farrier, a good sport), and he said that he trims the
sole back a little as you don't want the shoe pressing on the sole.
I've also had very good luck with moving up to a larger shoe (better heel
support, another issue), but the farrier has to trim back the heels on the
larger shoe which makes more work for him (guess they need to make horse shoes
in 1/2 sizes ?!?)

Good luck!


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