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Re: Pregnant mare: Put up or Put out?

I've bred both my mares and both of them were turned out regularly right up
to delivery. If the only problem is a grass that isn't there, I see no
problem.  I've also had two kids and my OB/Gyn would have thrown a fit if I
had stopped all exercise a month before delivery.  The logic is that a fit
mother delivers more easily.  Both my mares would occasionally "rip up" the
paddock as well, even while resembling heavy cruisers! <BG>  I notice that
your vet is "he" and I bet he never sat around with that much weight hanging

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

---->I have a mare who is due at the end of March. At my vet's request, she
is now
>stall bound. He says it is a good idea to keep them up one month before
>are due so they can "stock up" and stay off fescue, etc

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