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Trail club bylaws-need help

I could use a little help that is slightly off topic, so please reply
Our local trail club wants to change its by-laws from the type of membership
where one must be voted in to
a open membership (i.e. just submit an application and dues).  We need to
modify our by-laws to do this.  Within the modification we want to add
something to the effect that inappropriate behavior can result in removal
from membership.
Does anyone out there have any club by-laws they could share with me that
might be a good guideline?
The main reason we want to do this is because our club only meets on a
quarterly basis therefore membership applicants are held up for a long time.
For insurance reasons we only allow members to participate in ridden events.
We have talked about having the application include a statement to the
effect that the applicant has read the club rules and by-laws and agrees to
abide by them.

All suggestions appreciated.
Sally Aungier
Powhatan, VA

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