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Reconditioning rider

    I once read about an Olympic swimmer who used to hop up some insane
number of flights of stairs (like....40 or 80 or so) on one foot to
strengthen his calves.  I used to do this as well--helps
with posting for long periods of time.  Another thing that helps with
posting is posting without stirrups, of course.  One modification that hurts
a lot, but builds a lot of muscle, is to keep your
calves off the horse as you post (at least four inches away), and without
worrying about heel level, post with your toes pointing in as much as
possible at all times.  This forces you to use those way-up-there thigh
muscles so posting all day becomes a possibility.  My dear, dear riding
instructor had me take the stirrups off my saddle one summer for everything
but shows and she made me do these ALL the time.  But nothing builds the
thigh like this, even weight machines.  I used to work out at a gym, too,
and was maxing out at 200 pounds for the inner thigh machine thingy, because
it only went that high, but it STILL didn't hurt like posting!

                                                            Sarah & Elliot,
who is sadly neglected at this time
(but still getting fed!)

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