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Question from Japan

Hello Kazuya,

I am forwarding your message to the Endurance Riding
discussion group, Ridecamp. I hope that some people
on this list will answer your questions for you - and
that you can make some new friends. 

Please look for more information at
and if you would like to join the Ridecamp discussion group
you may do so at

Good luck!

Steph Teeter

-----Original Message-----
From: 山下 和哉 []
Sent: Sunday, February 28, 1999 8:05 PM
Subject: I have a question!

Nice to meet you!
how are you?

My name is kazuya yamashita.
I'm Japanese.
I'm interested in endurance ride.
and I am planning for endurance training.

so,I have a question.
In Japan After endurance ride ,we must do HR 64beats/min.
Why do we have to do HR 64?
why 64?

excuse me ,and teach me!

hokkaido obihiro university master 1 grade	
name  kazuya yamasita   e-mail

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