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Re: RideCamp: Feeding while travelling


> > Is this really true? Is haylage-type forage not
> > generally available in the US?? I can't believe
> > it!! Enormous business opportunity here folks!
> Not in North Dakota. I had never even heard of it. I 
> didn't even know it existed!

Anyone who regularly makes grass hay will find 
haylage making much easier as well. And it is 
perfect for endurance horses as it has a 
relatively high moisture content, virtually no 
respiratory allergens and provides a bit 
more energy than regular dry grass hay (rye). 
Very popular over here and people pay through the 
nose for it (equiv. 10 dollars per bale, a bale 
lasts approx 3 days depending on the 
horse/level of work and availability of fresh 

It might not work out in the hotter states, but 
still.....I can't believe nobody is making it 
over there?

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