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Re: RideCamp: Roundpen Footing Types

In a message dated 2/27/99 11:03:07 PM EST, writes:

 Springs almost here and the horses are shedding in central Illinois. We
 just got our roundpen put together. We've got great topsoil here, but is
 slick as schnot when it gets a little rain. Does anyone have any
 recommendations for what we can add to this soil to make a good base for
 safely working the horses?
I don't think my footing is "the best", but it was cheap (free) and has worked
over many years.  It is wood chips, I asked a local tree service if they would
mind dumping in my roundpen.  They were thrilled to do it.  The stuff they
brought me had chunks that were too big and lots of good, small chips, some
pine straw and leaves too.  I had to pick thru alittle and rake it out, but a
few hours work and I had nice footing.  It has held up for 4 yrs now, only
getting better with age and use.  It is almost like peat moss now.  Great
cushion, non slip, not muddy when wet. 

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