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Re: RideCamp: sluggish horse & saddle questions

No one ever likes to sell their horse! Sounds like, from experience, you've
had a bad bout with saddles that don't fit. You may want to try giving my
mom a call in Tennessee. She has been building saddles for 33 years and
rides the circuit year after year and wins. At least give her a call and
discuss your problem with her. She certainly can give you a lot of insight
about saddles that don't fit! She builds an endurance saddle that will fit
you and your horse-guaranteed!

Marilyn Horstmyer
DeSoto Custom Saddlery
(423) 623-9371
Etowah, TN

Marilyn's daughter, 
Maria				Good luck!!!!

> From: Heidi Sowards <>
> To:
> Subject: RideCamp:  sluggish horse & saddle questions
> Date: Wednesday, February 24, 1999 9:42 AM
> OK, here are two questions:
> 1. How much of tying up has to do with stress? And could a poorly
> fitting saddle contribute much (if at all) in tying up. I rode Classy
> (our discussion horse) for about 1.5 hours on Sat. in my friend's
> Wintec Aussie (thank you Julie and Rayna) he was a different horse,
> very relaxed, carried his head low, walked on a totally slack rein, no
> heavy sweating (which he is known for being soaking wet within 15 min.
> into a ride.) Could his old western saddle have been one of a few
> contributing factors?
> 2. My other horse (Donte) used to be very pumped on the trail, not
> wild, but liked to go. I rode alot in a bareback pad or my western
> saddle (at that time) I knew the saddle didn't fit very well, so I
> used it minimally until I paid off my Bob Marshall treeless. He hated
> that saddle, would go 1/2 mile and stop and look over his shoulder at
> me, or would canter wildly, like he was trying to get out from under
> it. I got my money back, and bought an endurance saddle (no brand that
> I could find, wide tree, about 22 lbs.) That seemed to fit him for
> awhile (until he got more fit and lost the winter coat) then he became
> sluggish and lazy on the trail (especially when we ride alone) So my
> question is: (I am asking because I have been advised to sell him and
> get a new horse-which I can't do since I really love this guy and he
> is who started me in this sport, we ride for fun and completion, not
> points/awards.) I am selling my endurance saddle and am considering a
> Thorowgood endurance synthetic. Has anyone had a similar experience
> re: saddle fit and sluggishness and replaced the saddle only to have a
> horse that is more willing to go? 
> The first horse must be the type who goes into the pressure/pain,
> where the second horse is the type who tries to avoid it. (Funny that
> they are brothers!)
> Any input helpful, thanks.
> Heidi and (Classy-gosh this is comfy & Donte-Mom, do I have to go?)
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