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need help with Easyboots (long)

My 9 year old Arab gelding has low heels/long toes. Last year I found a
farrier that has been working with me on this problem. I have been doing
alot of reading, and it is my understanding that the low heel will not
cause as much of a problem IF the  toe is kept short and the point of
breakover is corrected.
My current farrier trims by the Bergy Bergelen method, somewhat similar to
the 4 point trim. He takes off quite a bit of toe. Since we have been
trimming this horse this way, he seems to be moving much easier down the
trail. He has never been lame or had any problems.
Going into my third season, I would like to step up to 50 miles sometime
this summer. I just got some easyboots that I would like to use instead of
pads at some of the rockier rides I go to. I got size 2's for the front and
1's for the back. This sounded kind of big to me, but his hoof measured 5
inches in the front. I cut down the Easyboot in the back, all the way to
the strap. I expected it to go on pretty hard, but it actualy slipped on
quite easy. The front of the Easyboot comes up too high and rubs on the
hairline. I suspect this is because we trimmed off the toe and he measures
only 3 inches from the toe to the hairline. 
Has anybody encountered this fitting problem? Is the easyboot too big? What
can I do to correct it,
Or should I just give up on Easyboots all together? Any advise on low heels
and endurance riding would also be appreciated. You can reply to me
privatly as not to clutter the list.
Forgot to mention that the horse is barefoot right now, I guess the shoes
would add a little hight, but it would still be pretty close.
Thank you
Jutta Schmidt and Elegant

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