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Re: Fwd: Urgent attention needed at Castle Rock State Park

If you are talking about the Castle Rock State Park above Redding, we rode
there 5 years ago through on the Pacific Crest Trail and learned that
Horses have been excluded out of Castle Rock Park in Northern California
except for the Pacific Crest Trail. We did ride through and the state park
let us camp below by the access trail to the PCT.  We had several rounding
confrontations with the Park Director, because George went to the Director
of State Parks and Rec. Don Murphy and got a campsite that we were first

They ( the rangers) claimed they sent out 200 letters of inquiry before
making the decision to exclude horses and they got only 2 answers back.
They also told us when we rode there that they would consider having a
horse camp to access the connecting trail to the PCT if a horse group would
work with the US Forest Service to plan and build a horse camp.
If we can get someone interested we can do it.  Any suggestions? 

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>Who do you know who rides at Castle Rock State Park?  At the MROSD meeting
>10 there was a group of people there trying to enlist MROSD support to kick
>horses out of Castle Rock.  Want it to be "for animal conservation"  and
>like stepping in horse poop.  We need to get some horsemen to cozy up to the
>Ranger and get horsemen active in the trail days planned there Feb 20 and
>March 20 (according to the Trail Center schedule).  Call 650-968-7065
>according to the newsletter.  Also there is National Trails Day coming up
>April 24 where we ought to have a presence there.  
>Can you forward this on to anyone that can help down there???  They can call
>me for more information 800-255-3774x2478, but I really only know what I have
>been told by two attendees at that meeting and both stories pretty well jive.
>I have tried the phone numbers listed in the Trail Center for equestrian
>groups and none of them for the area are current.  I will now try the LAAHA
>email show.  But this is getting grim.  
>If anyone can help take some action, I would appreciate feedback at
> <>  .  Many thanks.
>Adda Quinn

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