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Re: RideCamp: Feeding while travelling

In a message dated 2/24/99 4:46:47 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< Would be interested in how other folks handle long distance hauls.

I keep forage hay (sometimes alfalfa I admit) in front of my horse at all
times while trailering.  Never had a problem (knock on wood).  Any time we
travel more than 4 hours I stop and get him out to walk around, drink water,
pee, etc.  I have used truck stops and rest stops (at one rest stop a guy
remarked on what a big dog I had). He has never refused to get back in.  If
that were an issue, I'd practice more at home.  I also give electrolytes a
couple of days before, during and after  a long haul.  To support my insanity
we have traveled many days (sometimes 10 hour days for 3 days in a row -- I am
truly nuts!!) and never had a problem.  The several times that I have traveled
REALLY long distances, we've rested a day upon arrival and then completed 50
and 80 mile rides.  No problem!

Hope this helps.

Sylvia & Harca (oh goody a trailer ride)

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