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Horses Needed

As you have hopefully noted, especially if you are in the Northern CA
area, NATRC Region I is having Dr. Kerry Ridgeway at its convention on
March 13-14, 1999, in Santa Rosa.  The second day is a "hands on" clinic
and we need 3-4 horses to use for demonstration.  Perhaps you are having
back problems, a lameness that you just can't quite figure out, a horse
that won't take a lead, cross-fires or the like.  It is not always easy
to find horses that are having a problem, but I know that it sometimes
takes 6 weeks to get an appointment with Dr. Ridgeway, so hopefully
someone out there can help us. Dr. Ridgeway will be speaking on shoeing
problems, saddle fit, chiropractic help and acupuncture.   Please e-mail
me at  Carol 

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