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Re: Both fats & carbs

In a message dated 2/19/99 10:16:12 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< So, if I were to dip them into brewer's yeast?
 btw, I checked out Kentucky Equine Research's wepage, and didn't see any
 chromium yeast products...
 tracy >>

Hmm. Joe has done most of the work on chromium and he's enthusiastic about it.
It'll probably show up as a product sooner or later. 

Dipping carrots in brewer's yeast probably isn't the way because you have to
feed a lot to get a little chromium. However, you can go down to the health
food store and get bottles of chromium polynicotinate in 200 ug capsules. Open
up two and dip your carrots in that powder. By the end of the day you might
have somethig over 1 mg in the horse. We're loading with 7 mg/day. No ill


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