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Re: Flinging pony final post

In a message dated 2/19/99 8:13:56 AM EST, writes:

  Finally, it was time to go home and I walked out to meet them in the
 center of the ring with a big apple in my hand.  I gave him a bite, then
 she started begging to canter him around "one more time".  I said, O.K.
 and put the rest of the huge apple away.  They headed off at a canter,
 which got progressively faster as he circled the ring back towards me. 
 Finally, as he was almost back to me, he dropped his head and 1/2 bucked
 to a stop.  Quickly I reached up to grab her off so I could jump on and
 "knock the tar out of him".  Before I could get her off, he started
 "going down".  At first I was alarmed, but then realized, he was actually
 trying to go from a canter to a bow without getting 100% stopped.

Not only do most ponies have a sense of humor, they are also way too smart for
OUR own good.  What we find as stubborn or mean is often inadvertantly taught
to them.  BTW, they learn real fast all the things you didn't mean to teach

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