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Re: Horse too fast!!-Rider too slow

Subject: Re: Horse too fast!!-Rider too slow

>We do learn good stuff from this...but the never ending highlights (or
>repeating of conversations) does get tiresome...think you guys can do that
>different way?

Well, actually I'm going to a ride this weekend, so I'm outta here anyway.
Some people's sensibilities get all offended over a lively debate, and
that's okay, but personally, I enjoy sparring with an intelligent and
not-easily-bruised colleague.  Always seemed to me if more people could just
state their opinions and feelings without (a select few, no one in
particular in mind) people getting all horrified at such forthrightness, we
could all progress along alot faster and better.  But, that's just me, guess
I'm not much of a diplomat.

Tom, as always, you're a pleasure to go a few spirited rounds with.  I wish
there were more like you, though I'm not sure I could keep up with more than
one.  You've sure livened up the last few very-late-night work sessions, and
for that, thanks.

Gonna go get some sleep tonight for a change.  'Night.

Susan G

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