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Re: Horse too fast!!

In a message dated 2/18/99 2:04:44 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Because you quoted it out of context as a stand alone statement.  It
 When I called you on it, you're the one that got your panties all in a
 twist. >>

this isn't going anywhere useful, but I did incorporate the rest of the
paragraph in my followup comments and the point of the entire paragraph was
still as I stated it to be. Are you telling me that the first sentence of that
paragraph, "Ingested fats are used primarily as a source of dietary energy,
although if a diet contains adequate available carbohydrate and protein, fats
are not needed" is an error on Lon's part? That he really didn't mean to say

Seems to me that you had to go way out of context to show that the endurance
horse, a separate species from the racehorse, or any other horse, has very
special needs for fat that make Dr. Lewis' statement erroneous. 

Again, you asked for the quote, I provided it, and you found it distasteful.
Take it up with Lon. You're the one so very close to his current thinking. I
simply quoted what he wrote--which agrees, by the way, with the literature in
most species. 


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