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Ridecamp Registration - don't forget!

Don't forget to register if you want to stay on Ridecamp!
It looks like I'll make the switch to the new list on Monday,
Feb 22 instead of Feb 20. Still have a few things to get
in place. 

You will NOT automatically be transferred from the existing
list to the new one. The new list will be built from the registered
user list, so be sure to register.

You can read about the new registration system and link to
the registration form at:

Once you have registered you will be able to suscribe and
unsubscribe via a web based form, similar to the way it is
now - but you need to register first.

If you don't have web access you can send me information
via email:

regular or digest?
optional: AERC member? NATRC member? Other organization?

There is an optional registration fee of $10.00 which you can send
to Endurance Net, 405 S. Main, Moscow, ID 83843


Steph Teeter

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