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Re: Horse too fast!!

 Now that the upstairs of my garage is
>again fulled to the brim, as well as every bookshelf in the house, I'll
>to do that again, soon. been about 30 years, Susan. You must be a fast

Congratulations on spending a bunch of money on books, but since you can't
remember posts from earlier in the day, I have reservations about how much
of all that reading you've retained.

>No, just demonstrate that your readings have a little more breadth.

As opposed to relevance?

>That was Dr. Lewis' claim, with which I happen to agree. More specifically,
>roughly 50-50 concentrate/hay ration with the concentrate containing about
>of the right kinds of fat is plenty of fat.

Fine for *some* horses.  Others will have metabolic trouble with that much
grain.  Not all, but some, and more than an isolated individual here and

>Oh, I can answer that. The endurance race is not one long race  but a
>of short ones with adequate time off between them to allow energy intake.
>Thus, all you're feeding for is a series of 2 hour increments of relatively
>light exercise.

I beg your pardon?  It's screamingly obvious you've never been at a 15 hold,
spending time getting the animal through the vet check, getting water into
him, washing him down, convincing him to eat some hay (energy is irrelevant
if the gut don't keep moving) and if you're lucky, a few bites of grain or
whatever.  That is NOT adequate time for energy intake.  Before you dictate
what works and what doesn't, come out and do it yourself to get some Real
Life Experience.  Your suggestion isn't at all practical in the real
(endurance) world.

>I've acknowledged your intelligence in this regard

I missed that, was that the tunnel vision, the Poobah in training or the
(you're just afraid" comment?

and I assume that your
>experience has given you this knowledge. However, if your'e enthralled with
>fat as a fuel for endurance, why don't you pump them up with corn oil at
>vet checks?

One more time.  I recommend fats between rides, small, frequent amounts of
carbos at rides.  I specifically recommend against fats during the ride
itself, because it slows gastric emptying and won't metabolize fast enough
during the ride to support exercise.  Why are you so fixed on the concept of
either/or, instead of intelligent use of both?

>Out of context? What you mean is "out of line". You asked for the quote, I
>gave it to you, and it gave you The Vapors.

Because you quoted it out of context as a stand alone statement.  It wasn't.
When I called you on it, you're the one that got your panties all in a

>And, in the endurance horse--an entirely separate species, seven pounds is
>disaster, right?

For some, no.  For others, potentially.  For others, yes.  Especially when a
proven and acceptable alternative exists.

> me how to supply an extra 10 Mcals a day without either fats or a large
> amount of grain.>
>Simple. Lots of feedings of smaller amounts.

It's still grain, and half the amount with some added fat is a proven

>I've been thinkng about bringing my thermography unit to a ride, just for
>I've been to endurance rides, by the way. And ride-and-ties.

It's not really an audience-participation sport.  I meant as a participant,
not a sidelines observer.  Watching ain't doing.

>But you still can't appreciate that a horse digests in the same way whether
>he's a sprinter or an endurance horse. Interesting. I'd suggest more field
>experience in other equuine athletic disciplines.

Never said sprinters and endurance don't digest the same ways.  But energy
requirements and dependence are markedly different.

>You're the one who started this fight--snidely begging for a quote from

As a response to a long-ago promise to provide them as evidence that "Lewis
is no fan of fat".  You keep promising, and I keep waiting.

> horses go for 50 miles or better, right?>
>No, they don't. They perform intermittant exercise with near-full recovey
>between bouts.

Recovery?  Based on what parameters?  Hardly.  If that were the case, they'd
be finishing the ride as frisky the last mile as the first, and THAT ain't
the case.

>If you read the proceedings of the past 4 ICEEPS you will not fail to see
>work referenced. That's the sign of work with impact.

Not the same thing, and you know it.

On my way to TMT.  See y'all out there.


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