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Re: sweet feed vs. oats

In a message dated 2/18/99 5:30:30 AM Pacific Standard Time, pam- writes:

<< When I was changing my horse from one sweet feed to another, I found there
 was quite a difference in calories per pound.  .Wouldn't this make a
 difference in the amount of oats you would feed? I wanted to increase my
 horse's caloric intake but if  even if you want to keep it the same, I
 would compare the calories per pound of both the sweet feed and the oats.
 Just my 2 cents.
 Pam in MA >>

Yes. When we get into heavy interval training we cannot feed enough oats to
maintain body weight, and have to shift to a denser carbohydrate--corn, oats
and barley as the base.

If  your horse is losing weight during the conditioning process, you're not
keeping up with its energy requirements.


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