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Re: Horse too fast!!

><< Some of us actually combine direct experience with endurance horses
> the literature.  >>
>Well, I'll be very interested to hear your experiences with feeding
>carbohydrates during endurance rides. They must be diametrically opposed to
>the experiences of all the others who've tried it. Should be interesting to
>figure out why your approach didn't work.

Will someone who was at the Central Region Convention in Oklahoma and heard
my lectures on feeding horses before, during and after endurance competition
please confirm for poor, old one-track-mind Tom that my recommendations are
fats BETWEEN rides and small, frequent doses of carbohydrates DURING rides,
so he can stop quivering in his bed about the evil conspiracy against him?

>Or do you limit your experience to what your texts tell you to do?

Nope.  I read all the texts, read all the (relevant) literature, think about
alternatives or arguments, then form a hypotheses and go out and test it in
the field.  It's called Research.  When you read my published article in
ICEEP, you'll see that in fact, it goes against all the previously and
traditionally held beliefs in several different areas.  So much for the
joiner sheep theory.  But, keep trying.

Susan G

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