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Wilderness Designations

I'm firmly with you on this one, Heidi.  There definitely is a down-side
to designating wilderness areas that we taxpayers wind up paying for and
then cannot use.   We have wilderness areas in Point Reyes Nat. Seashore
here in Marin County, and that designation serves to keep out all
competitive events,  all vehicles even those which would transport trail
workers for maintenance, and other restrictions..   Remember the fight to
keep the Tevis and other competitive events going through a small corner
of Granite Chief Wilderness Area in the Sierra?  
   I believe that equestrians are by definition environmentalists,
because without a healthy environment we have no outdoor sport.  
However, I also believe that we don't need  more public-UNfriendly
wilderness area designations.    There are other, more user-friendly
designations  that can and do provide adequate protection for the
     There is also intelligent and informed private management.    Look
at the splendid job the McCrarys do on their property;  they selectively
log for their lumber business, they have established some of the most
beautiful and durable trails I've ever ridden; they manage rides with top
 reputations and large numbers of entries, and yet you are hard-pressed
to find any impacts of their activities on the land.   I'm sure other
Ridecampers know of  examples in other parts of the country.   Just my
.02 worth.  Connie B.,  (CA) 

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