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Founder Mare

Hi Guys,

Just a reply to a letter I have received.  Just letting everyone know of the
decision made.

>>Was your primary purpose to event this mare?<<
Her primary purpose was to be retrained from racing to equestrian
disciplines to be sold.  She would have mad a great dressage or eventer.

>>Do you trail ride?<<
Only to teach these horses behaviour out in public or a brake form the
arena.  Not as such.

>>Do you want (or can you afford) to keep her as a pet? <<
I could and I would like to but it is not practical, I already have a 21 y/o
gelding that is a pet.

>>Are you set up to raise a foal? <<
Well no, but we are in very safe fencing and it would only be a matter of
shuffling the electric fence around and moving horses.

>> Are the mare's bloodlines and conformation good?<<
Her bloodlines are not good enough for racing people, but her sire has
produced allot of good show jumpers.  I personally think she is a bit too
stocky for a show jumper but to a lighter stallion could be a good
combination.  She has one small fault, he hindfeet are slightly toe out,
this may or may not pass onto her foal.  If it does it can be easily fixed
after birth.

>>Is she an 'easy keeper'; (stays inside the fence, good stall manners, good
>eating habits, not prone to vet visits)?<<
Fantastic, although she is on the fat side and I am worried that it will
make the founder worse.  I am currently riding her.  She is not in pain
because the founder occurred before we got her but it has progressed to
being worse as she hasn't had the correct heart bar shoes on.

>> The answers to these questions should point you in the right direction.
We also think you should get a second opinion and maybe a third, including
another set of x-rays. <<
Well I have done a degree in Equine Science and I have also studied the
x-rays.  She will never be another riding horse.  It would be probably to
mean.  When I ride her it is for 1/2 hour in the paddock on a very soft
grass surface. She couldn't stand up to much work.  The bone is degenerating
and the tip could fracture off with the constant pounding.

Such a sweat obliging mare and it is a shame. We are going to sell her to
someone who has a stud and has got the time and resources for her.  She will
always need to have front shoes.  There are no guarantees with mares and
foals and I don't think I want to have to ask another question in a just
over a years time if something should go wrong with her again.

Thanks for your support and care.

Donna Paton

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