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selenium test is back....

O.K. here is a question re: our favorite selenium thread. Our tests
came back Friday on our boys. Remember, Classy has tied up twice. No
problems per say on Donte, except he hasn't been his old self lately.
Acting a little lazy out on the trail, even coming home. The test
range is 160 low and sorry, can't remember the high. Will find out
Monday or Tuesday. Anyway, Classy was a 211 and Donte a 212. So does
this mean they are ok on Selenium or is it still too low for the
work/stress they do? What should they're norm. be? I wish I could
remember what the high level was, but I deleted my voice mail and now
will have to wait til tomorrow. I am still supplementing with 5-6 mg.
per day for each horse, and am planning on retesting in a month. Any
advice or suggestions? Is it still the selenium do you think that
caused the tying up in Classy?

Thanks again folks.

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