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Re: jointsaver

>Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 14:03:01 EST
>Subject: Re: jointsaver
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>Linda, the brand I'm taking has 500 mg Glucosamine Complex (Glucosamine
>hydrchloride, N-Acetylglucosame, and D-Glucosamine sulfate), and 400 mg
>Chondroitin sulfate (bovine, porcine, and/or shark cartilage sources).  This
>s ver batim off the bottle.  I take three a day.  This product is 1/3 the
>cost of Cosamine DS.  I studied the bottles and got the impression that the
>strengths were identical, but I wonder if the composition is the same.  Do
>know?  And is the composition of the brand I'm taking the "right stuff"?

This sounds like the "Pain Free"  by Schiff that I get at Walmart.  It is
the best buy
for the price that I have found.  I give it to my two older dogs, both have
joint problems.
The smaller one was looking at surgery for ACL but has been fine for the
last two years
with one of these tablets a day.  At his age I didn't want to put him
through surgery if I
didn't have to.  $30 for 120 tablets is the best price that I have found.
My mother mentioned
pain and swelling in her finger joints.  I quess she will be the next one
I'll try it on!

Linda (another one) ;)

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