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Fencing questions. Solutions

I found this fencing in France years ago and I really like it!  It is 
easy to install and looks good too.  Not to mention the low price! It is 
available here in the US just visit the following site.
Potato in California Where the foothills meet the Tevis trail.

>Subject: Fencing questions.
>Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 19:09:55 -0500 (EST)
>From: "Sarah Roxanne Zawacki" <>
>    My parents and I are moving across the state (Michigan) to a house
>that requires stalls and fencing.  The stalls are no problem, but the
>fencing is.  We have five acres total, and would like to make two one 
>pastures for our two horses, so we can rotate pastures.  BUT we just 
got an
>estimate from a fencing company for over ten thousand dollars, using
>a mesh, no-climb horse fence.  We want something safe first and 
>but ten thousand is waaaay too much for us to pay.  So I think we're 
>to build the fence ourselves, and I was wondering if anyone has had a
>similar experience.  Are there any affordable (and affordable as in, 
>are not trying to sell anything affordable--the fence company considers
>themselves affordable, still haven't figured that one out) fencing 
>that are safe?  Any tips for self-installation?  My parents don't want 
>and I don't blame them, because we were always fixing our old fences 
>weekend.  Thanks.
>                    Sarah (and Elliot, who hasn't figured this moving 
>                           out yet...)
>        The good news is that there is lots of state land nearby and
>        about forty miles of dirt roads behind our house.  Now, if I
>        can just get my new neighbors to let me ride through their
>        field to get to them....
> --

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