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Re: sarcoids

Send me your snail mail address and I'll send you the story of what we used on
Sackett.  You need to boost his immune system and we did Sackett's with zinc
sulfate.  Will you be at the Trade Show in Reno?  I know I spent several
thousand dollars on Sackett and I am watching like a hawk.  I keep him on the
zinc.  The sarcoid is a virus and so hard to deal with sort of like cold
sores.  Sackett actually hurt so bad that his front feet got sore and he was
so pain sensitive he couldn't get into the trailer which he loves to do.  He
got very leery of the vet that worked on him and yes we went the chiropractic
route also as each time they put him down and rolled him over he was out.  The
Acceleator Wound Lotion took a lot of the soreness out, kept the flies off and
cut the swelling.  You can mix it with distilled water and spray it on the
places so keeps your hands out of the sore spots.  Horse sure appreciates that
when they are so sore.  I will have info with me but I will mail it to you so
you'll have it sooner.  Lovell

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