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I'm behind on ridecamp, so maybe someone has suggested this.  I got it from ride&tie people.  I use mountain climbing line, about 12 feet, with a small pivot snap at the halter, two rings (appropriately spaced - the first one far enough back that your horse's head can reach the ground when it is "done up", the second about half way between that ring and the large snap, to take up the slack) and a large snap (that will accommodate the two rings AND clip onto the near side breast collar ring).  When you get off, you unsnap from the breast collar and "loose" one or both rings.  I often then sling the line over the saddle in order to keep it from "drooping" too much until I want to whoa.  This line is also handy for tying them, trotting them out, and leading through gates without having to put the reins over their heads or snapping and unsnapping reins.
I agree with Linda that biothane is really hard to grip when wet and would be bulky other times.  Also, that once the horse figures out tailing and following trail (not necessarily in that order) the left/right stuff tends to not be much of a consideration when tailing.  Especially since the times I tail the trail is very steep, usually with poor footing, and not something you do side by side.  Start by practicing anywhere, with a friend, mounted or unmounted, leading your horse and you tailing, so the horse understands they are to go forward.  Then, about all you need is whoa.

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