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Ridecamp listserve - Registration Required

Hi group,

Effective February 20,  Ridecamp subscribers will be required to register
before they are placed on the distribution list. A $10.00 contribution towards
the maintenance of Ridecamp is encouraged, but not required. Hopefully
this will be an effective deterrent to malicious or inappropriate use of Ridecamp.

The archives will still be published and available to all via the Endurance
Net website.

The Guest Form will still be available for posts from non-subscribed
members, but these posts will be screened before they are distributed
to Ridecamp subscribers.

** Important ** If you are a current subscriber, you must still register 
in order to remain on Ridecamp. The change-over will occur February 20, 
but I encourage you to register well before this so that I can make
the transition smoothly, and not drop anybody.

You may access the registration form at 

If you have problems with the form, send me email and we'll work something
else out. 


Steph Teeter

p.s. gulp. here we go....

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