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Re: Info request on bogs

Hi all, Sylvia,
   You did what could only truly be done, force the horse to try again. I had
several years experience riding the Santa Ana River and learning how it
changes drastically after a storm. You could never tell where the quicksand
was. My 16+ hand walker mare went down in quicksand during a solo midnight
full moon conditioning ride. She sunk up to her chest and as she thrashed to
get her front feet under her I kept getting pulled underneath her. So I got
myself clear (true believer in emergency release stirrups) and after I
regained my composure she had quit thrashing and had decided she was going to
   I had to do it. I had to crawl back in far enough to get hold of the reins
and then whip her like crazy screaming at her to get up and try again. It took
a while but being alone I refused to leave her for even a minute. She finally
tried and I pulled with adrenaline strength to get her out. If you can't make
them try then folks just leave them and call paramedics to figure out a way,
helicopter lift, truck drag..pretty stressful. 
   I felt bad for letting it happen since she was counting on me. 


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