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Re: Ridecamp Breakfast at the Victoria Buffet wrote:
> We must of missed the entire information that was posted earlier. 

We each handle our own checks and tips, it's a serve-yourself full
buffet, but we get the benefit of a reserved section and early seating. 


  The Legacy Victoria Buffet sounds great!!

  FRIDAY BUFFET - $5.49 

  Includes a good selection of fresh fruits, 
  hot and cold cereals, pastries, eggs, bacon, 
  breakfast sausages, italian sausages, breads 
  and toasts, potatoes, etc. etc.

  SATURDAY BRUNCH- a whooping $7.99 
  Everything from the Friday Buffet 
  plus a carving table with ham, turkey and beef; 
  gravy; soups - the list goes on...


We'll have to dance all night to undo the damage done at breakfast... oh

The Legacy Food and Beverage Manager has been wonderful, says we sound
like a great group of folks and she will arrange that to have her best
folks to wait on us. The prices don't include tips, so if you get good
service, keep that in mind!

I hope to have a digital camera so we can record this event for

My specialty is.... uhhhh... errr.. "Action Photos" - posed action

A ridecamp "Action Photo" idea would be a pic of an equine nutrition
guru filling a plate with fried meats, potatoes and pastries! Think of
clever ways to photo-roast your favorite Ridecamp poster! Steph will
make a few available on-line, and if you bring a pc floppy, I can copy
them if I have time.

And... I'm shy (really!!) and if your photo is soooo bad that you can't
stand it - it's a file - I delete it. So even us shy folks can have fun
with this.

  Linda Cowles - Gilroy

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