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from Linda Hartman --> Potlucks!

Glenda R. Snodgrass" wrote:

> > Make it a "pot-luck"....The midwest does it a lot and it sure is
great!!!! So
> > many varieties of home-made food...ALWAYS better than a "catered" meal.
> > Besdies, I am a vegetarian and I then have a choice!!!
> No, please, no! LOL  I confess, I despise pot luck dinners as much as I do
> buffet restaurants.  It's hard enough to make meals & get enough food for
> me alone to a ride; I just don't want to *think* about having to bring
> something for a pot luck dinner.  And frankly, in the heat we have in the
> SE region so much of the year, I'd be concerned about eating a potluck
> dinner made of stuff all these folks had brought in from wherever they
> drove from 2 days ago.
> In fact, I would vote for having a catered dinner both Friday *and*
> Saturday.  It's definitely worth $5 or $7 to know there will be a hot meal
> ready & waiting for me, that I don't have to figure out how to cook on the
> propane stove set up inside the trailer, nor how to clean up afterwards.
Gee, Glenda, I certainly can understand your having a personal preference
in all this, but you make a potluck sound so grim!  I am one of the Midwest
riders Teddy spoke of, and I can tell you I have never had a problem with
any food served at a potluck.
As for the labor involved, here is what I do for a potluck: A month before
the ride season, I buy a case of canned beans and a jar of molasses.
Shortly before the potluck, I open two cans of beans, add two tablespoons
of molasses, and heat. (This dish can also be served cold, and will
likewise disappear). This recipe never fails to disappear at every potluck
I have attended.  I don't get TOO worried about all the labor involved.
Let me assure you that I am not competing for "the most original dish" award.
My ride partner has settled on a similiar dish:  Reed's German Potato Salad
(pretty darn good, comes in a can) no muss, no fuss.
If I have tons of free time, I have to admit that at times I do get more
creative.  But there are always two cans of beans in my camper!
It's true that some people do produce great homemade food for these feasts.
 Some others stop on the way to the ride and buy deli fare. Others put
bakery brownies or a bag of potato chips on the table.  It is not a big
deal!  I really like potlucks, and I believe they are a primal form of
sharing and socializing that goes back to the dawn of human history.  If
anyone has a strong aversion to them, they can always stay in their trailer
or take a ride into MacDonald's in town. 
My vote and personal preference is for the potluck.  Good people, good
food, a great combination!
Linda Hartman 

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