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Re: Horse Colleges in California?

In Southern California, Cal Poly Pomona has a terrific program, one of the
best around, especially if she's interested in Arabians.  In Central and
Northern California, check out the animal science departments at CSU Fresno,
Chico, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  Also UC Davis, especially if she has
any interest in pre-vet.  There are probably other programs at some of the
other CSU campuses, but those spring to mind immediately.  If you call the
campus and talk to someone in the animal science department, they're usually
happy to arrange for you to talk to someone that'll show you around.  If you
come to Cal Poly Pomona in the next month or two, let me know and I'll show
you around the facilities there.

Susan G

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From: Mary Rose <>
To: ridecamp <>
Date: Tuesday, February 02, 1999 1:24 PM
Subject: Horse Colleges in California?

>Hi all,
>My daughter Tess  who Is 16 (going on 30) would like to go to a California
>college with a good Equine Program, she is interested in Junior Colleges or
>Univerisities. Any Suggestions ?
>Thanks in advance
>Mary Rose

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