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Re: NATRC Shoe Rules Lifted

VMAXEPT Roger Rittenhouse wrote:
> YES anything you want.. no rules on shoes.. can even you bell boots..
> BUT no leg protective boots.  and thats ok..

oops... I think the bell boots part needs to be clarified by the board.
Apparently there was a bit of a misunderstanding on this terminology,
and I don't think that they meant for bell boots to be ok'd also. But
any type of shoes, corrective, pads, etc. will be allowed for 1999 ride

Notes will be taken on the effects of this change, and then the board
will review the results at the end of the year and determine if it has
made a difference in participation, horses competed on, etc.

So, let's hope that a lot of people that have been using shoeing
restrictions as an excuse not to ride NATRC decide to give it a try. It
is different in a lot of ways from other distance riding activities, but
is definitely a "do-able" sport for the average horse rider, average
horse, and definitely for newcomers to distance riding. And, like Roger
pointed out, now there's more rides to choose your competitions from -
another 70+!


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