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Merry Christmas and Happy Y2K

I am sharing this poem my Grandfather Leach wrote so many years ago.  Some of 
you have heard it but it never gets old.  Merry Christmas to each of you.  
Please feel free to share it with your friends and relatives.  Lovell

No Room in the Inn
by John D. Leach

"No room in the Inn" for Jesus, my Lord,
While the world sleeps in pleasure and sin,
And the busy crowds throng the thorofare,
Ne'er once taking notice of Him.

"No room in the Inn" for the Prince of Peace,
Tho the world is hungering still
For the Giver and Source of eternal life,
For peace to all men and good will.

"No room in the Inn" for the Master of men,
Whose birth was heralded far
By the prophets who wrote a long time ago
And told wise men to watch for His star.

"No room in the Inn" but a place in the stall,
Where the sheep and the oxen feed;
Yet out of the depths of that manger loft
Came a cry, that wise men heed.

"No room in the Inn" for the hope of the world,
Which God in His love has given,
To reconcile man to the plan of free grace
And provide Him a mansion in Heaven.

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